Monday, October 29, 2012

Observations on Berlin

Here's a few light-hearted observations I made during my stay in Berlin. I'm not claiming them all to be accurate.

1. Berlin is hipper than New York

2. Everything is cheap in Berlin (except vinyl)

3. Berlin is still visibly recovering from the cold war

4. Mastercard often isn't accepted at restaurants but they take one called Maestrocard that looks just like it

5. As women are enchanted with owl accessories in New York, so they are with elephants in Berlin

6. Energy conservation is cool but walking into a pitch-black hallway at night is scary

7. Apparently drug dealers in Gorlitzer Park check your ID before selling to make sure you're at least 18 years of age

8. Everyone I encountered except 1 person spoke English really well

9. Becks is the Budweiser of Germany (only much better tasting)

10. Everyone has tattoos in Berlin

11. There's an area for drinking in the supermarkets, right after the check-out

12. The public transit system in Berlin is excellent, but biking is even better!

Black & White Berlin

Here's a collection of black & whites taken during my trip to Berlin. These are all with my digital camera. I brought along my Canon FT (film) as well and took 36 exposures. If those turn out I may post some selections on here as well. You can see how many great examples of architecture inhabit this breathtaking town.