Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ode to a Post It note

Oh Post It note. How I need thee. I keep you close to me at all times. On the table, by the bed, in the kitchen, at work. When a thought pops in my head, you're there for me. You've rarely let me down. There was that one time that I thought of something, grabbed you to jot it down, then thought of a few other things that I scrawled on your yellow surface first, only to realize I forgot the original thing I needed you for in the first place. But besides that, you've been beautiful. My favorite is the canary yellow 3x3, but occasionally I'll reach for the 2x1 1/2. I don't understand why you offer yourself in an accordion stack since I'll never use it, but I appreciate the effort. I write down that song idea, my favorite stores to shop at, grocery lists, quick reminders of what I need to do that day, a girl's phone number, and the occasional doodle. You tickle me yellow, Post It note!

You were invented by Art Fry at 3M in 1977 and have always been made in Cynthiana, Kentucky, although you were first tested in Boise, Idaho. You're the perfect size to fit in my pocket and the quality of your adhesive is just right! Sometimes when you get down to the last few notes on the pad, I get a little sad. You look much better when you're fat and fresh! I can't wait till the next time I think of an idea and scratch it onto your soft smooth surface.

Stick with me Post It note. With you by my side I have confidence to take
on the day's challenges. I won't forget because you won't let me. Thank you, friend.

Someone else who loves Post It notes.

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