Monday, February 1, 2010

Elvis in NOLA!

When I was in college, I co-formed an Elvis-tribute band called Velvet Elvis. That's when I first heard this number. Crawfish was one of the strangest and most soulful songs the king ever did. To most it's considered a throw-away track, but my band and I thought it was pure gold. It was recorded for the New Orleans inspired film, King Creole, his last before he was drafted into the army. I never saw the film, and I'm sure it's pretty bad, but this song is amazing.

The backing vocals are by Kitty White, a jazz vocalist from LA who had sung in a few hollywood films before her brief stint with Elvis. That's actually her in the film riding in the carriage. Too bad her role in the song is so marginalized, because her voice could've added so much more to this swampy, soulful number.

It's coming on Mardi-Gras time and although I'm no football fan, I'll dedicate this post to the Saints who just made their first Superbowl.

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Megan said...

LOVE the song. Now I definitely want to watch the movie, too. I hope Netflix has it!