Sunday, January 31, 2010

A word about Urs

Just went to the New Museum to see the Urs Fischer exhibit. I've only been to the New Museum on the Bowery a couple times before and this was the first exhibit of theirs that I really enjoyed. Fischer has taken over the whole museum with his largest US solo show to date, filling the 3 main exhibit floors; his work is definitely room-dependent. One floor is filled with a series of mirrored boxes with highly-detailed photoshopped images adhered to each visible face. Another floor mainly consists of 3 very large organically shaped aluminum sculptures which take over the whole room. The last floor is wallpapered in full scale photographs, depicting the room itself with all its objects placed slightly oblique to the real thing. Besides that the room is virtually empty sans a large deflated grand piano in the center. One of the most amusing pieces in the show is a life-like tongue that sticks out at you through a hole in the wall as you approach it. Absurd and suggestive.

Urs Fischer hails from Zurich and now lives and works in Red Hook, in a large studio by the water. He seems to be doing quite well for himself: The galleries support his fantastic and not always well-planned out ideas and his works sell upwards of half-a-million dollars! I'm not going to attempt to write about the concepts or craftsmenship of his work here, but I was impressed with the show. Lunch with my friend Matt at Freemans Alley afterwards was pleasant as well.

Earlier works by the artist...

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