Sunday, March 28, 2010


Ok, I am no grease-monkey or car freak, so I will try not to get too technical here since I don't entirely know what I'm talking about. My dad has a very nice ride that is kept in his garage most of the time. We make a point of taking it out every time I come and visit (except in the snowy winter). It's a 1967 Chevy Camaro SSRS, '67 being the first year the Camaro was introduced (to try to compete with the Ford Mustang). It's a combination of the super-sport (SS) and rally-sport (RS) 2-door coupe with a 295 horse power, 350 cubic inch V8 engine. In combination with the 4-on-the-floor high performance Muncie gear box with a heavy duty clutch, it's a very powerful beast. It's great to open the hood because there's nothing in there except the engine. No clutter caused by computers, fluid storage or any of that. Very simple and to the point, and big! Not good on mileage, I will tell you that.

My dad inherited it from his dad, who bought it in its model year and shipped it to England where he was living at the time. I can imagine the large American beast didn't fit in well in that country of small, cute cars. Anyway, he eventually brought it back to the states and my dad's been taking care of it since the '80's. It's funny, but I never had much of an interest in it until recently.

I love driving it, although we don
't really open it up ever, which is a shame. Not possible on the wooded roads in the area. The car has a really cool smell. Just a smell of age, like an old leather book. The steering wheel is wood. The gears are hard to change and we need to clean the sparkplugs because they're getting grimey and cause stalling problems while the engine gets warmed up. It's funny driving it around, because all the local "dudes" are checking it out as it goes by and giving the thumbs up, but I am definitely no car-buff. But you don't have to be to enjoy riding a classic like this. It just feels cool.

My father with the Camaro at the car show.
Anyway, last year my dad and I took it to the Vermont Car show. It was a riot. All those cars in one field! Saw some beautiful designs, spent hours just walking about. The Camaro is in good shape, but is nowhere near polished up and shiny as the other cars we saw.
I totally want this truck. Very Misfits.

This guy's straight outta the cold war era. Top Brite to keep those engines spotless!

He's from Quebec.

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