Sunday, May 16, 2010

Open Windows

Rejoice! It's finally gotten to the point where I can leave my windows open every night. Warm weather is here! Fresh air breezes into my apartment, filling it with joy and wonder. Each breath I take is a blessing. Thank you, Spring!


Anonymous said...

Hello James! SURPRISE! This is your pre-school friend Vanessa (really, from when we were 3 and 4 and living in Boston). I googled you and, voila, here you are in Brooklyn, complete with your own blog site! I hear about you through our parents from time to time but it has been more fun to peruse your blog this morning! It's been QUITE a long while since we last spoke or saw eachother....maybe we can have lunch some time to catch up? I work in mid-town....I HOPE YOU ARE WELL!!!! :)

James Botha said...

Hey Vanessa! Wow, blast from the past. Would love to see you this summer! Lunch sometime during a not-so-busy workday sounds great. I'll get a hold of your contact info (don't want to post it publicly) and we'll meet up.
Glad you found'd be great to see you again.