Saturday, June 19, 2010

Friday Night in Brooklyn

What a day yesterday. I rode my bike to work, which I've never done before. It's going to be my new Friday exciting 45min ride in the AM. Put me in a super-good mood. And the half-day Fridays make the day less stressful and more chill. By 2:00 (I was supposed to leave at 1:00, oh well) I was back on the wheels.

Hung out with my friend Jarred, grabbed a bite, bumped into an old friend on the corner of Ludlow and Rivington. Then took off for Brooklyn, over the Manhattan Bridge.

I saw these guys that afternoon....walking down Ludlow, looking cool.

Much later that night, midnight in fact, I was riding my bike alone down Classon Ave when I heard this amazing music. I doubled-back and it was this group of steel drum players jamming the night away in this ramshackle hut on the side of the road. The guy beckoned me in. I went inside and just hung out with these guys for a while, listening to their amazing heart-lifting music, filling the midnight air with such expressive joy. The place is called the Pan Loft and they're all from Trinidad. Their group is called the Despers USA Steel Orchestra. Check them out online for when they play out. Although they tell me they jam at the Pan every Friday night.

After that I stopped by Secret Project Robot. I didn't feel like going in so I just stood outside and listened to the band that was sweating it out in the basement. It was really good!

Capped the night off at the bar on my corner for a Jameson on the rocks (one of my faves). I can't believe it's not even summer yet.

Tomorrow: the beach!

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