Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Colt 45 / 45

One of my favorite drinks in the college days was the Colt 45 /45. Most malt liquor drinks come in 40oz bottles, but not the Colt....you get an extra 5 ounces just to have a better ring to the name! On Sunday nights my friend Eric and I would pick up a couple 45's each and watch the Night Rider marathons on TV. I could almost finish two!!! Phew.

I think it cost about $2.00 and fit perfectly in a little brown bag. A good, cheap buzz. My youthful stomach could handle it just fine. Malt liquor is beer, but with a higher alcohol content and made with malted barley. It also mixes in more inexpensive supplements like corn, rice and sugar. Not the healthiest drink, admittedly.

And of course it had the coolest commercials featuring the smooth operator, Billy Dee Williams.

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