Sunday, September 19, 2010

Yosemite Movies

My last post about Yosemite. Here's some quick clips I shot w/my camera while on my trip. I love this movie option on my camera!

The view from Glacier Point.....where you can observe almost the entire valley from one vantage. Stunning.

View from the bottom of Yosemite Falls. This is already fairly late in the season so it's just a trickle compared to what it's like in the early spring after the snow melt.

As we were driving back from the Eastern Sierra we saw this mysterious blinking X on the horizon. I had to check it out. Turned out it was a signal for a small runway nearby.

Jesse and Jon were performing at the Awanee Hotel. Jesse is an amazing piano player. This is my favorite Beethoven song.

Jon's special sound effect while opening a wine bottle.

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