Monday, October 4, 2010

Bring To Light

Bring to Light was New York City's first Nuit Blanche festival, which apparently happens annually all over the world. Don't know much about Nuit Blanche or its history but some friends of mine and I went to the installation and loved it. The performances and installations took place in the industrial section of Greenpoint's East River waterfont. Old, half-abandoned buildings came to life with projections and amplified sound. It was great to see such an exciting scene right in my own neighborhood! It was tied in with the Greenpoint Open Studios weekend so the whole neighborhood was buzzing. Pencil Factory was packed that night.

These are videos I took that night of some of the projections on the buildings. I added my own soundtrack since the live audio was quite noisy.

I hope things like this happen more often in Greenpoint. The neighborhood has been steadily gaining momentum in creativity and business. I'm happy to be a part of the process.

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