Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Goodbye to the ol' fruit vendor?

Recently the building I work in started renovating the lobby. It’s going to be a 3 month process and during this time the main entrance is closed and all the employees have to use the back door. As a result my typical morning approach has shifted 1 block south. On my typical route I would always stop by the same fruit vendor on the corner and buy 2 apples. Each apple was 50 cents and the vendor, who spoke no English, would happily complete each transaction with a pleasant smile. It had become a part of my daily routine. But since the lobby renovations, my alternate route has lead me away from this morning ritual and I haven’t seen my fruit vendor in weeks.

Today, a glitch in my commute took me down the old familiar street and, realizing I would pass the fruit vendor, I instinctively reached in my pocket for a dollar to buy 2 apples. But as I approached the fruit stand something looked different. The cart was set up strangely and a large canopy shaded the produce. A man I didn’t recognize was arranging the fruit and it suddenly dawned on me that this wasn’t my usual vendor. I immediately felt a bit out of place and I kept my distance as I looked closely to notice the apples were 75 cents each! I looked at my dollar as my heart sank. I would either need an extra 50 cents to buy the pair or would be left with a quarter in change. I stood there confused for a moment, then, putting my dollar back in its pocket, walked away with no apples wondering what happened to the usual fruit guy. I may never know.

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