Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pt. II - Pictures of India

The elephant caves

Monkey's always a good time

Laundry day

I was eating at a diner and this guy was perpetually shouting into his telephone. I think it served as his office.

Street scenes of Mumbai...

Temples like this dot the urban landscape

These vintage bikes are commonplace. Stylish New Yorkers would love to get their hands on them.

"Horn OK Please" is written on the backs of just about every truck in India. And indeed, horns are used quite generously.

Owners paint their trucks with such wonderful expression

Tuk Tuk

There's no such thing as historic preservation in India. All the beautiful old buildings just slowly fall apart as they are left to rot in their foundations. This is the Crawford Market; architecture left over from the Victorian colonial era.

The interior of the Crawford Market

There are no garbage cans or dumpsters in Mumbai. People just pile the trash onto the street.

Some of the buildings are literally built of cloth and wood

The Chor Bazaar

I went inside one of the buildings and found these gentlemen hard at work....well except for the guy with no shirt on.

Another street along the bazaar

Vintage shops along the Chor Bazaar

Taking a nap after a long day

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