Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Rinsing Lettuce?

As we Americans approach the eating festival of the year, Thanksgiving, I would like to broach a food-topic that has caused me a bit of confusion over the years. My local grocery store displays its lettuce rather on the wet side, meaning it appears to have been washed already. The leaves are lightly blanketed in cool, crisp water. I even give it a little shake before bagging it to remove some of the dampness.

I know you are always supposed to rinse your lettuce to help ensure e coli and other bacteria have been washed off (not a total fool-proof method to be sure, but an accepted one). My point is, however, do I need to rinse this lettuce that has obviously already been sprayed with water? I mean, it seems a little redundant to rinse produce that is already quite wet.

Anyone else encountered "wet" lettuce at the grocery store and have an opinion on this?

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Anonymous said...

They're not actually spraying the lettuce with water. The spray is a chemical to keep bugs away. That's why you MUST always wash your lettuce and vegetables before you eat them!