Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I love my Mini Twin!

I bought this great little amp as an impulse buy this past summer. I was at Main Drag in Williamsburg, picking up some guitar strings and picks, when I saw this on the counter. Cute, adorable, was calling out my name! From the retro-knobs to the tweed cabinet, it definitely has the look.

To my amazement, it also has a sound that lives up to the Fender name. Never totally clean, this amp has a mid-rangy, dirty tone, and when you crank up the drive, it sounds like a Stooges record. The Mini Twin cost me 50 bucks and runs on a 9V battery. Bonus kicker: you can get great feedback without blowing out your ears by placing your guitar's pick ups up to the speaker.

No, I'm not in the reviewer business and I'm not intentionally sponsoring Fender. Just wanted to rave about my new little amp, that's all.

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