Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pacific Ocean Blue-unexpected delight of 2008

My big surprise of 2008 was Dennis Wilson's Pacific Ocean Blue reissue by Sony BMG. It's a triple album in glorious translucent blue vinyl and I have to admit it was the packaging that made me buy it initially. I knew little about Dennis aside from being the Beach Boys drummer that didn't even play on their albums and who drowned in the early '80's.

The music within is so heart-achingly beautiful as well as timeless that I can't believe I've lived without it all these years. However, I'm also not sure if I would've appreciated it as much as I do now. Hearing it at the same age as Dennis was when he recorded it, and having been through an emotionally tough year, it really moved me. I've listened to it a bunch of times this past summer and every time I go into a sort of meditative trance.

It's the Bambu sessions on the second half of the album that I enjoy the most. Those were the aborted sessions that followed the release of Pacific Ocean Blue and I find this to be the strongest material. It's astonishing that it was never released until now.

So here's to Dennis Wilson, rest in peace.
Since I don't know how to embed mp3's on this blog (is that even possible?) all I can do is include a link to the official site...

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