Tuesday, August 11, 2009


OK, so I know very little about this band. But that's probably part of the reason why I like them so much. Mystery is half the love. At any rate, I was walking through an old junk store, picking up some old post cards and marbles, when I heard this bizzare music that sounded like Mozart on acid. I asked the long hair behind the register what he was playing on the turntable, and with a grin he nodded, "Sparks."

I went to the ol' youtube and found some outrageous videos. These guys not only have the original sound from way back, but possess looks to kill pigeons with. The two are apparently brothers and come up with hilarious album titles like, "Kimono my House." In all their videos the singer flamboyantly struts around the stage, wagging his finger at you while the keyboardist makes you piss your pants with his moustache looks of randomness.

This is one of my fave songs and videos. Love the mittens!

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