Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Golfing Milkman

It's a sunny October morning in Manhattan's lower east side. On the corner of Prince and Elizabeth a man is busy working on his golf stroke. He places a row of milk cartons on the street in a very orderly fashion. He then proceeds to take a swing at each carton. He appears to be aiming either at a garbage can across the street or a large contractor's vehicle parked in the same area. He is polite as he waits for cars to pass, but he definitely is on a mission.

He takes his practicing seriously, but clearly enjoys it at the same time. All the locals know him, and give him high fives as they pass or honk a friendly horn at him. Nobody minds him doing this.

I ask him, "Why milk?"
He replies, "Because I can hit 'em easy. And they're free."

Thank you, golf milkman, for making my day.

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moushette said...

simply insane or simply genius??? hum, meet my future ex husband.

thanks for inspiration.. i ought try it in my st. this weekend. love it J!

Amsel said...

this made my day!