Monday, December 8, 2008

Last words on Memphis

I love Memphis! And I wanna go back. First of all, it has one of the best radio stations I've ever heard....WEVL. Check it out. It also has one of the best music scenes I've seen around. Lots of venues and more than a few interesting bands. I stepped into Goner Records, which is a local record label and great record store, and asked what some of the better local bands were. He recommended The Barbaras, so I bought a couple 7"s and now they are my latest obsession. Just listen on their myspace page!

Just walk down midtown, along Madison or Poplar or Central Ave and you'll see what I mean. Stop by Flashback and see all their funky vintage treasure. Walk into Xanadu and meet the wildly eccentric Johnny Lowebow and his incredible one-man band, featuring his homemade guitars. Stumble in late-night at the Lamplighters and talk to the bartender about the Elvis matador above the jukebox. Wake up on Sunday to the Full Gospel Tabernacle at the end of Hale Road, ministered by none other than soul-crooner Al Green. He wasn't there the day I went, but I heard some amazing gospel and experienced a musical epiphany. Touch the water of the Mississippi along the shores of Mud Island or stand in the Levitt Shell at Overton Park and sing That's All Right Mama, just as Elvis did in his first concert since being signed to Sun Records.

Oh yeah, and Memphis has some of the prettiest darn girls in the world.


Jim said...


We love it too! Glad you had a good time.

Pete said...

Sounds like you should go back. I've been to Memphis several times, but it was always on business, and never really had a chance to get around. They gave a us a bus tour one evening, but I can't remember where we went. Some of us had a few too many for dinner. Maybe I'll get back there again before I get too old to enjoy.