Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tomorrow Is Here Today - the second Francis Friday album

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Tomorrow is Here Today was recorded right after a stressful breakup and as a result the album is of a more somber and serious tone than The Streets Are For Keeps preceding it. Actually, there were many other songs written before and during the same period that were perhaps 'off-topic' (i.e. happier) that didn't make the cut. Some friends that listened to the rough cut suggested I focus on a particular theme, and keep the whole album in a more moody vein. So the outtakes should make for a g
ood follow up album, as soon as I finish writing more songs to complete it. I plan on uploading those to this site eventually.

This album was recorded in the same
way I always record; at home on a mixture of Pro Tools and my Tascam Portastudio with me playing all the instruments. I like the control this gives me but I miss playing with other musicians and hope to do more collaborating in the future. This was the last time I had to play at my old apartment with the nasty landlord downstairs complaining. I haven't written much in my new apt, but I look forward to recording in the new, more relaxed atmosphere it affords (the neighbors are much more chill here).
This is the last CD I will ever make. I find it unecessary to continue to go through the time and expense of burning multiple discs and hand-making the artwork that winds up in so few people's hands. From now on I will post new songs on sites like this one for my friends and fans to upload for free. It'll be much easier and more immediate.

Here's the tracklist:

1) Midnight Era
2) Cast Iron Gates
3) Will We Laugh
4) End of the Line
5) Hold Your Thoughts
6) Bicycle Girls

7) Standing On Your Own Two Feet
8) Divided in the Rain (original)
9) Simple Lives
10) Black Tide Rising
11) Repentance
12) Suddenly a Feeling
13) In the Shadows
14) Goodbye My Friends

The entire album is available for free. Download the zip file below.

Or if you want the CD and packaging, just email me at and I'll send you one for free. Of, if you have an album (or anything else interesting), maybe we can trade.

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