Monday, August 27, 2012

Me and Bruce

I'm not saying I look like Bruce Springsteen but I think these photos have a similar feel to them.  The overall look and composition maybe.  Or perhaps it's just wishful thinking.  At any rate it was unintentional.  I actually started to cut the "spine" of all my v-neck undershirts because of this album cover (you can barely see it beneath my white-collar shirt).

The photos of me were taken on a late Saturday night after my best friend's wedding of which I was the (un-official) best man.  I was standing in front of the closet getting undressed when the friend I was crashing with took these pictures.  It was a good night well spent and we were feeling quite relaxed and satisfied.

This is a great Springsteen album by the way.  I think my favorite, next to Nebraska.  Racing in the Street floors me.

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